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Borax Argentina (Borax) is the only South American based boron producer with a wide range of refined products and relatively unique mineral products. Exploring, extracting and refining for over 50 years, Borax has gained long-term relationships with key customers and a reputation as a reliable, high-quality supplier.


Borax was acquired from Rio Tinto PLC in 2012 and its operations include two open pit mines, concentrators, refining capacity and significant land holdings.

Mining operations are located in Tincalayu and Sijes and the main processing site and office are located at Campo Quijano, Salta.

Borax predominantly supplies the industrial and agricultural sectors in South America, and their supply chains offshore. The product mix is divided into three groups; minerals, refined products and boric acid.

As part of its long-term commitment to its customers and neighbouring communities, material restructuring has resulted in significantly improved safety performance, lower costs and higher productivity.

With a history of meeting customer requirements and achieving production rates in line with expectations, over 41,000 tonnes of refined and chemical products were sold in FY21.

The global borates market is over 2 million tonnes of B2O3 equivalent with the key traditional industries being glass, ceramics, modern medicines, agriculture and detergents.

Key demand drivers in the borates market are growth in urbanisation (global housing market), global population, sustainable food supply and energy production.


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