Mt Cattlin

Western Australia, Australia

Spodumene concentrate



CY21 Production

Up to 6% Li2O

Product grade


Long-term major customers

11.0 Mt at 1.2% Li2O

Mineral Resource Estimate

8.0 Mt at 1.0% Li2O

Ore Reserve


Offtake contracted until

The open-pit mine and concentrator is located approximately two kilometres north of Ravensthorpe in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. Operations recommenced at Mt Cattlin in late 2016, producing high-quality spodumene concentrate that is qualified in the lithium supply chain globally.


Mt Cattlin is a low-cost spodumene producer utilising conventional techniques to extract and process the resource.

Mining of the relatively flat-lying pegmatite ore body at Mt Cattlin is carried out using excavator and truck operations, delivering ore to a crushing and dense medium separation gravity recovery circuit.

Contractors are used for grade control drilling and earthmoving operations including drilling, blasting, and load and haul. The product is then trucked to the Esperance Port for export to an Asian customer base.

Operational settings were moderated in CY20 to ~50-55% of nameplate capacity to adapt to soft conditions in the lithium market.

In line with this market driven strategy, the process plant successfully operated in campaign mode and optical ore sorters were commissioned at the front-end of the plant to upgrade low-grade stockpiled ore.

Operations successfully ramped back up to full capacity in early CY21 in response to increased market demand and higher pricing. Operations remain stable, reliably producing to target each quarter with continued initiatives from the prior year.

Sustainability initiatives include but are not limited to the installation of a solar farm in 2010, water recycling on site, a “hire local philosophy” and the establishment of a Community Consultation Group that meets frequently.

A three-year extension from January 2023 has been executed with major customer, Yahua International Investment and Development Co., Ltd, for a minimum of 120,000 dmt per annum of spodumene concentrate.

Additionally, a three-year offtake agreement was executed with Chengxin Lithium Group Co. Ltd, commencing in January 2021 for 60,000 dmt per annum of spodumene concentrate.


Mt Cattlin Technical Report


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